Why AchieveMission?

What Makes AchieveMission Unique?

1. Exclusive Focus on Mission-driven Organizations

AchieveMission is the only national consulting firm dedicated to developing leadership and talent capacity across the social sector. We are, ourselves, a nonprofit organization and wrestle with some of the same challenges facing our nonprofit clients. This gives us practical experience and deep insight into the unique challenges of the nonprofit sector, such as funding complexity and misaligned capital markets, generational shifts, complex relationships across race and class lines, and the myriad challenges of operating in an often resource-constrained environment with high-stakes for communities. And, unlike other consulting firms that work primarily in the for-profit sector where interventions are often large-scale and complex, our experience has taught us that solutions must be scaled to fit the size and resources of smaller, yet rapidly growing nonprofits. We meet leaders and organizations where they are and bring them to where they want and need to be.

2. Collaborative Consulting Approach

Our team has careers of experience and tremendous expertise across the full array of leadership and talent areas.  We know that you don’t achieve progress by being told what to do or handed a work plan.  We engage in a coaching and collaborative framework, which combines our expertise of talent management and leadership with our clients’ in-depth knowledge of their own organizations and contexts.  This approach mobilizes internal and external stakeholders, builds deep capacity and ultimately ensures ownership within the leadership teams and staff who will execute.

3. Expertise in Talent Management

Building the capacity for outstanding performance in high-potential organizations requires intention. It occurs most readily when the Board, CEO/ED, and executive team have established the fundamental principles and core architecture of the organization's talent management strategy, and take deliberate steps to implement it. Many nonprofit leaders regard talent-related issues to be among their top priorities, but lack the internal capacity, expertise, and resources to address these challenges.

“Talent” is the term we use to speak of the people who help organizations advance their mission. We include everyone: employees in the field, managers in the back office, executive leadership at headquarters, board members, volunteers—even consultants. In a similarly inclusive way, we use “Talent Management” to refer to the wide variety of processes and activities that an organization must successfully undertake: planning, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, managing, developing, promoting, terminating, compensating, engaging, and retaining people. These are activities that a nonprofit must successfully execute in order to attract and retain outstanding talent in key roles required to achieve strategic goals; to ensure that team and individual goals and activities are aligned and prioritized; and that people are supported to optimize their performance.

4. Integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Promoting social change and justice is a complex and dynamic process that requires a deep curiosity about the ways in which our human capital policies and talent practices may perpetuate structural inequalities.  AchieveMission enables our clients to examine conscious and unconscious biases, and shift behavior and practices to reduce their negative impact.

We Believe:

  • in creating a more just and equitable world.

  • that the full talents of our society must be brought to bear on the  challenges we face.

  • that diversity, equity and inclusion make us stronger at the individual,  organizational and societal levels.

  • that we must address the institutional, cultural and structural oppression, aided by unconscious bias, that prevent the realization of a just and equitable world.

Therefore, We Are Committed to:

  • using our expertise to transform behaviors, systems, policies and  practices that perpetuate structural inequalities in the nonprofit sector.

  • surfacing tough challenges around diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations.

  • facilitating ways to shift mindsets and behaviors for ourselves and our partners.

  • ensuring that we and our partners tap into and develop the widest possible workforce that represents the communities we serve, and that we leverage their full talents in service of our organizational missions

5. Blend of Leadership Development and Talent Management Expertise 

We take a systemic perspective, often utilizing an Adaptive Leadership framework, looking first at the way in which a given system is preventing or enabling successful outcomes.  Leveraging this lens to get to actionable initiatives, AchieveMission’s leadership team has been trained by talent management exemplars and thought leaders from leading firms and corporations including Mercer, Hewett, IBM, and GE. In fact, our Co-Executive Directors led global leadership and talent development efforts efforts in these organizations earlier in their careers. We have successfully adapted and applied the methodologies they incubated in the for-profit context to help our nonprofit clients achieve their missions through culture transformation and the integration of effective talent management practices. Thus, our consultants combine deep talent management expertise with the ability to execute within the practical realities of nonprofits, their boards and their communities.