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07/12/2013 in

Launch of new blog: What we are learning


One of the best ways for us to accelerate our learning, the learning of the sector and thus the mission impact we can have is by being transparent about what we are learning, sharing our missteps as well as our successes, and welcoming others -- you who is reading this -- to collaborate in our collective learning process.

We are doing something that no one has done at a large scale national level, namely providing integrated consulting, training and coaching services that strengthen a nonprofit organization’s ability to implement its strategy -- reach its mission goals -- by strengthening its leadership, goal alignment and accountability, and the ways it sets staff up to successfully achieve those goals. That combination of expertise in four areas --  (1) organizational effectiveness and leadership development; (2) nonprofits; (3) working with organizations of less than 2500 employees (most nonprofits); and (4) in delivery of services including consulting -- is extremely rare.

Even if no one else has exactly the perfect set of experiences, there are many that have expertise to contribute and we hope that they will join us in this learning process.

  • Corporate consulting firms -- such as Hewitt or Mercer -- that do this kind of work for large corporate clients

  • Specialists in the nonprofit sector that offer deep in highly focused solutions -- such as in executive recruiting or compensation.

  • Some of the larger nonprofit strategy consulting firms such as Bridgespan that often touch on these topics in their strategy work and occasionally write about it

  • Training providers such as at Aspen Institute or the Center for Creative Leadership that have deep leadership development and talent management expertise as well as expertise in the training of nonprofit leaders

  • Technology firms such as SuccessFactors and Cornerstone OnDemand that automate and support best practices through the training and software

  • Corporate human capital management experts who have tried to bring their expertise to bear on nonprofits from a board seat

  • Human capital management experts in the public sector

  • Foundations that fund leadership development and focus on the capacity of their grantees

  • And of course the nonprofit HR, talent and human capital management executives working hard in the trenches.

We invite you all to join with us and this learning journey. We will try to create a safe environment in which the only inexcusable mistake is not learning and improving.