Leadership Development: Five Things All Nonprofits Should Know

By: James W. Shepard, Jr. I Publisher: Stanford Social Innovation Review I Published: 2014 I Resource Added: 2014 


Do you still believe that leadership development is too expensive, that it’s all about training or sabbaticals, that it’s a “nice to have but not necessary” employee benefit, or that executive leaders should focus on other things? Then this is what you need to learn:  

  1. Leadership investments produce a high ROI.
  2. That means that leadership investments save you money, and create more mission impact, more revenues, lower costs and greater stability. 
  3. Most nonprofits spend their leadership development dollars ineffectively.
  4. Most nonprofits can achieve high-quality leadership development if they have courageous leadership.
  5. Nonprofits can make big improvements for free right now.

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