Talent Initiative

Talent Initiative is an intensive and holistic consulting, coaching and training program designed to build the foundational elements of leadership development and human capital management in high-potential nonprofits and foundations.

The goal: to help organizations build the leadership, culture and structure they need to implement their strategies and drive meaningful social change.

Many nonprofit leaders regard human capital-related issues to be among their top priorities, but lack the internal capacity, expertise and resources to address these challenges. Talent Initiative provides an ideal starting place for organizations with 40 employees or more, at a point of inflection characterized by significant scaling or change.

This six-month integrated solution enables nonprofits to:

  • Lay the foundation for rapid and systemic improvements in strategic human capital management capabilities.
  • Shift human capital management from a concept to the backbone of how the team sees itself developing leaders and effectively implementing the organization’s strategy.
  • Develop a 2-3 year Strategic Human Capital Management Plan specifically designed to address the organization’s urgent short-term challenges, while building the foundation for longer-term effectiveness.
  • Begin to implement the Plan with the support of knowledgeable and experienced consultants and coaches.

To learn more about the experience, you can hear directly from the leaders of organizations engaging in Talent Initiative. In an ongoing series of client interviews, nonprofit leaders share the human capital management challenges they face, the impact of Talent Initiative on their organizations, and the insights they gained from the engagement.