Organizations Managing Significant Change

Transforming Organizations to Reach Higher Levels of Accountability and Performance

AchieveMission provides a powerful solution to nonprofits and foundations that are at a point of inflection centered on a transformational change effort to achieve higher impact.

Change in Culture

The sector’s sweeping shift toward accountability and demonstrable impact has, at many nonprofits, ushered in new leadership that strives to reinvigorate established practices, implement new strategies and achieve ever higher performance. These leaders are challenged to successfully retrain, redeploy, or replace staff so that the reimagined organization has the right talent, with the right skills, attitudes and beliefs in the right roles. These organizations often struggle to change their culture and establish the needed focus on accountability and high performance. 


Times have changed: the community needs are greater and we have to measure and prove impact. With hindsight, the biggest challenge I faced as the new CEO was the people, the people, the people. Really fast change is now constant and not everyone is used to that. Learn more.

- Neil Steinberg, President & CEO, Rhode Island Foundation


Change in Mission or Strategy

Even highly successful program strategies can sometimes plateau, with proud bright spots of impact dwarfed by the much larger challenges being addressed. Reframing what’s possible can lead to transformational strategic changes that require new programs, new leadership capabilities and new organizational structures.  

Mergers, Acquisitions and Collaborations

An increasing number of nonprofits are realizing that the challenges they are addressing require a breadth of capabilities far beyond their control, and are coming together with other organizations to scale collaborative resources. Whether through collaboration, merger or acquisition, such efforts test established cultures and organizational structures, and call for new capabilities, new methods of communications, and new leadership strengths.  

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