“The rest of the world yearns to get back to normal. For black people, normal is the very thing from which we yearn to be free.” Roxane Gay, author and New York Times contributing opinion writer. 5.31.20

The country is on fire from the inside, the rage and injustice hot and fierce.

The response to the sustained inattention to institutional racism and what we see in the mobile phone videos of the very ordinary violence that black people are forced to suffer daily is outright on fire in our streets and in our minds and our hearts.

This is not new, but it comes as a very real virus with no known cure is ripping through this country and the rates of sickness and death are predictably higher for people of color, particularly black people. People have taken to the streets sometimes to their own personal peril, in some of the many forms rage takes.

AchieveMission is an organization that does diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work as a necessary element of transforming the leadership and talent practices of nonprofits and philanthropic organizations.  Part of this work is to lean into the ways that the very intentionally designed system of white supremacy is always part of our clients’ stories, whether named by those who hold positional power, or not.

White supremacy destroys and perverts the best of intentions, the finest plans, the highest callings. It was designed for that. Its roots have been drawing strength for hundreds of years, fed by unfathomable stolen wealth and the blood of so many hidden from the common telling of history.

At AchieveMission, we aspire to create a world beyond whiteness because that is the ONLY way anything functions well. We work to create organizations that actually work for everyone, led at every level by individuals who will look directly at themselves and their tough problems and do the hard work to shift their own known ways of leading and collaborating because it can be no other way.

This is a statement of resolve.  Our commitment is to be bolder while being vulnerable, sharing the work fully and revealing our own culpability and uncertainty as we go.  We will use the wealth of our resources to rid our souls, our paradigms and our organizations of the cruel and enduring legacy of white supremacy.

We hold you and each other close at this time, wherever you are and however you feel.