Join AchieveMission’s Mikaela Seligman for Leading From Where You Are at Our Common Future on Wednesday, October 26.

Let’s get real about it. We exercise leadership by speaking to and acting on what is most meaningful to us, by doing the work of mobilizing the resources to act on our really tough challenges. No one hands that to us. What we are given is authority. What we take up (or avoid) is our leadership. How we get it to stick over time is execution.

I began to put the pieces together when I studied Adaptive Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Through the course and then serving as a teaching fellow, I was able make sense of the profound failure I had experienced some years earlier as a charter corps member in Teach for America. I couldn’t see the system nor discern the lessons that could inform my day-to-day behavior. I experienced the whole thing as personal and it left deep scars. After the course and ensuing years of personal and professional practice, my vision of leadership expanded, and the possibilities of leading grew with it.

Now with AchieveMission, we integrate this framework and a number of powerful practices to support individuals and organizations to diagnose their challenges, guide essential conversations, generate internal alignment to drive informed decision making, and enable teams to exercise leadership at all levels.

If there was one thing I would recommend to read before joining this session it would be an Harvard Business Review article entitled “The Work of Leadership” by Ron Heifetz and Don Laurie, originally published in 1997. It is an oldie, but a goodie.