We write to share some news of our team and of our intentions at this challenging and propitious time.  We also want to let you know what it means for you, our valued partner.

First, the news.

Mikaela Seligman, Executive Director, is departing AchieveMission on August 14th for an exciting new opportunity: developing leadership and organizational strength in partnership with people who are most vulnerable to the impacts of this double pandemic and the wide-scale health and social crises that will continue to reshape our lives, livelihoods, economies and futures for years to come.  Her new organization hasn’t made its announcement yet, so she will share the details later this month.  Mikaela notes, “I am so proud of how AchieveMission, as a nonprofit organization working to build equitable organizations across the sector, has been doing its own anti-racist leadership work internally and offering inspired options to support our clients. I am grateful to have served in this role through times that called for leadership in wholly new ways.”

To guide the organization through its next phase, Partner Angela N. Romans has been asked by the Board of Directors to serve as the Interim Executive Director.  Angela offers, “I am excited and honored to be able to lead AchieveMission through this transition and remain committed to partnering with our partners to continue transforming the social sector toward true equity. Thanks to Mikaela for her visionary leadership at AchieveMission and in the field.”

And, finally, Crystal Y. Sewell, the Kresge Foundation Director of Human Resources, has been elected Chair of the AchieveMission Board.  “We are deeply grateful to Mikaela for her leadership and vision for this work and excited that Angela is stepping up.  The board is meeting this week to sketch out what this next phase looks like for us and for our work in the field.”

Now, what it means for you.

If you are a client, it means you will get exactly the same valued support and development you have enjoyed with us until now. No interruptions. No shifts in our responsiveness or connection to you and the work of achieving your mission.  If you are a funder,  we are eager to continue to support your grantees and stay in conversations that are strengthening equity-focused capacity builders during a time of overwhelming need.  And if you are a partner of the many kinds and types we hold as necessary to our success, we sustain our commitment to be a part of an expansive and capable eco-system seeking to infuse anti-racist leadership and talent practices into how we do everything in our organiziations.  Put simply, we are still here with and for you.

Please be in touch with your questions and thoughts.   And, of course, stay safe, be good to yourself and others and keep pursuing what matters most.

The AchieveMission Team