Client overview: AchieveMission has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Harlem Children’s Zone that began in 2015 as thought partnering and coaching with the HR executive of this large, multi-site and nationally recognized organization with over 2,300 staff members. Since then we have worked in deep partnership to develop two custom cohort-based leadership development programs targeting senior and mid-level leaders. We have designed and led three cohorts with approximately 25 staff members attending each over a span of six months to build a robust leadership pipeline using a combination of action learning projects, leadership skill building, and developing of stronger peer learning communities. In parallel, we have introduced succession planning tools and processes to the most senior leaders at HCZ (the CEO and her direct report team of eight people), and facilitated Talent Reviews and provided coaching to the top leaders to support them in providing feedback and creating development plans for the next generation of HCZ senior executives. Some representative quotes from attendees at the AchieveMission developed and facilitated leadership development programs include: 

  • “I am more reflective of my actions and how my leadership is a direct correlation of the on-site culture.”
  • “I’m more open to new ideas. I realize how much I don’t know. I am able to be more compassionate to others experiences.” 
  • “I’ve become more open and engaged. I realize I have a lot more in common with my colleagues than I realized.”
  • “I am more trusting and open with my coworkers. I am spending time with my peers.”