Our team embodies a wealth of life and professional experiences across sectors, cultures and geographies. We have exercised leadership in government, nonprofits, and corporations. With 115+ clients in the last 8 years, we’ve brought world class knowhow about what works and have co-created next practices with many of the top nonprofits and foundations in the field.

Our Team & Affiliates

Angela N. Romans

Interim Executive Director, Washington, DC

Patrick Garrity

Senior Consultant, Greater Denver Area

Mike Markovits

Affiliate Consultant, New York City

Alicia Robinson

Affiliate Consultant, Washington, DC

Conrad Pinnock

Affiliate Consultant, New York City

Maegan Scott

Affiliate Consultant, Washington D.C.

Dax-Devlon Ross

Affiliate Consultant, New York City

Erica Harris

Senior Operations and Business Development Associate, Washington, DC

Board of Directors

Christine Kidd, Board Treasurer

National Director of Program Innovation, Center for Employment Opportunities

Crystal Sewell, Board Chair

Human Resources Director, Kresge Foundation

Glynn Lloyd, Board Secretary

Executive Director, Foundation for Business Equity

Hayling Price, Board Member

Senior Consultant, Foundation Strategy Group

Kristina Gawrgy Campbell, Board Member

Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Independent Sector

Michael Meadows, Board Member

Managing Director, People and Culture, MacArthur Foundation

Monisha Kapila, Board Member

Founder & CEO, ProInspire