We help you TRANSFORM

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A selection of OUR OFFERINGS

It starts with knowing where you are in your talent and leadership practices, and the effect these have on internal culture and external impact. We first spend time interviewing you and your team and reviewing key documents and historical data and determine if a full employee survey is warranted, and then offer a clear assessment of your talent and leadership assets and development areas. This process requires minimal time for your team. We synthesize our learning and quickly turn around an assessment with recommendations for ways to proceed – with us or on your own, with appropriate resources that we could share. 

We know that the first 30 days on the job matter, a lot. This program, perfect for a new c-suite or chief executive, will help the new executive transition into a facilitated process designed to generate early alignment and reduce the risk of a bumpy start. Through three 1:1 coaching sessions with the executive and a facilitated “Welcome Retreat” with the executive and key board members and/or senior staff members, you will gain a shared understanding of your respective roles; culture, behaviors, and working norms; performance expectations and a corresponding performance evaluation process for the executive.

 This program is informed by deep expertise in talent management practices such as employee motivation and development, performance management and feedback, talent acquisition and onboarding, and staff management, all blended with an adaptive leadership framework designed to diagnose the core issues and ensure effective action in conditions of ambiguity and complexity. This blended technical and adaptive framework grounds the work in pragmatic solutions that strike at the essential needs of a new executive seeking to establish a firm foundation for productive working relationships and future success. In this way, the new leader will be able to evolve an authentic culture that works across difference, sets up clear decision-making roles and amplifies internal communication across departments.

We know that you have a vision for the work you do out in the world. You also have constituencies, allies, and obstacles – erected by the very people who want the change. This program helps you see and act on the interrelationships between the larger social system, your organization, your team and you — and to become skillful at mapping these interrelationships and the challenges they pose. Leading requires listening to all of the sounds, discordant and pleasing, and to discerning the way forward.

Based on the work of Dr. Ron Heifetz, leadership author and teacher, we enable you to diagnose your adaptive challenges and distinguish them from technical challenges. (Adaptive challenges are those for which there is no easy answer, challenges that don’t have an off-the-shelf solution and those which require the system to betray loyalties and act against long-held assumptions. Technical problems have an answer that can be easily applied.) Often, adaptive challenges are misdiagnosed as technical in our quest to just stop the pain and make people happy. The results can range from ineffective to catastrophic.

Ultimately, all of this work is crucial to realizing your vision of building and sustaining a leadership culture that lives in every facet of your work and team. It advances you on the continuum from awareness to action – to first see the most vexing challenges in new and productive ways, and then to see your peers as partners and to engage new tools to address them.

At the end of two in-person sessions, two coaching sessions and the distribution of useable materials over a period of years, participants will be able to:

  • Diagnose their adaptive challenges and separate them from technical challenges
  • Understand the differences between authority and leadership
  • Have a conceptual framework and language you can use as a group to intervene in the system to make progress on adaptive challenges
  • Understand the risks of leadership and how to protect yourself to stay alive

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of this engagement is to learn and practice key concepts and skills in adaptive leadership to exercise leadership in a range of contexts. Trained AchieveMission consultants create a learning environment in which participants individually and collectively develop leadership awareness and skills and walk away with tools to unpack and map future leadership challenges. Tools and concepts from two key adult development approaches are used – Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change. Over the course of three sessions, participants learn key concepts, apply their learning to their own experiences, and collaborate with peers across the group.

What It Looks Like in Action

Adaptive Leadership: The session begins with a learning laboratory facilitated by AchieveMission. In this 120-minute segment, AchieveMission consultants allow a learning experience to evolve that evokes questions and actions unique to the individuals in the room and to their group dynamic. By posing probing questions to the group and allowing the actions to play out, a rich experience is created that will serve as the focus of the debrief and learning.

AchieveMission consultants facilitate a discussion that reflects on the actions that took place among the group. This discussion integrates their experience of power; change; influence; informal and formal authority; individual and group assumptions; and adaptive and technical challenges. The Achieve Mission consultants help the participants to navigate their own perceptions and make meaning of the experience individually and as a group. The outcome is a lived experience and broadened understanding of adaptive leadership and the ability to define and approach challenges and solutions in complex contexts.   They return to their organizations prepared to navigate change, and loss, in a whole new way.

Case Consultancy: In preparation for this session, participants prepare a brief description of a challenge they are facing in their current work. One case is brought to the whole group. AchieveMission consultants facilitate and model a case consultancy protocol that allows for collaborative problem solving and understanding the challenge from different perspectives. Skills for effective consultation and peer coaching are delivered. Participants then break into groups four to five and follow facilitation guides to consult on the cases that each as prepared. The outcome of this segment is an expanded view of the challenge and solutions for the case presenter and building a community of learning through problem solving as a group.

Immunity to Change: In preparation for this session, participants identify two to three key leadership goals that they have for themselves. They list things that they are currently doing or not doing towards achieving these goals. Trained AchieveMission consultants facilitate individual coaching to model the Immunity to Change methodology. This coaching exercise reveals hidden commitments and assumptions that get in the way of achieving one’s goal. Participants separate into pairs and coach each other through the methodology. The outcome of this session is increased awareness of one’s own leadership strengths and challenges to address.

Finally, the group completes with a whole group reflection and individuals design their own leadership plans for real-time action.  

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. So, if your results aren’t where you want them to be – either by internal leadership and team measures, or in the field – it is worth examining your system design and the strategy that created it. When we do organization design we begin at the highest level of intention and what is most important for your community: How clear are your strategic objectives and how does your design impede it or make it possible? We then help you to see how you would know if your design changed for the better- so you don’t simply make structural changes that cause worse problems. As promised, you both gain altitude AND dig in at the deepest and most systemic levels. Ultimately, you have the mission, vision, strategic tenets, and structures that will ensure the deep partnerships inside and out that enable you to most successfully achieve your mission.

You will start with a shift in mindset about what “succession management” is, how it can become the backbone of your talent development system, and how race equity and succession planning can be inextricably linked. More specifically and practically, you will learn the tools and practices to facilitate a robust succession management process in your own organization. In this program you will learn to:

  • Integrate new talent development, succession and leadership practices
  • Launch a succession management plan with an explicit race equity lens and methodology, with clear equity-informed measures and outcomes over two years.  
  • Recognize how racism and bias are embedded in your own ways of seeing and how assumptions and biases influence how talent is developed in your organization
  • Diagnose your adaptive challenges (factions, values, learning) and know how to disrupt unproductive patterns

SINGLE ORG FEE: This program can be delivered to a single organization in a highly customized way.  For a single organization, the cost would cover alignment, a brief discovery period (interviews and document review) two in-person team talent reviews with race and gender at the center, two coaching opportunities and resources to move the process forward over the next several years.  The cost for this model would be $14,000-18,000.

COHORT FEE: Total program cost for a cohort program delivered over 9-12 months to a cohort of 6-8 organizations ranges from $150,000-$185,000 depending on level of support in each participant organization outside of the full group gatherings.  This program brings in anti-racist training, adaptive leadership training, and includes three cohort gatherings of 1-3 days and 2-4 group coaching and case consultancies calls.