When we focus on organizational culture and design we begin at the highest level of intention and what is most important: Who do you want to be in this time, what does equity mean to your organization, and what is the future you are creating? These are not easy questions to answer, especially when the need to answer them feels urgent every day. We partner to stay present to the needs of the moment and to work with your teams to imagine and build the equitable future culture into which you are living.

We always return to center, to purpose, to the north star of equity and to the organization’s strategic objectives. Culture has to support purpose. Design has to support culture. How will the decisions and choices now become those that define your culture and the way things work well into the future? Structural changes can be our go-to, but sometimes lead to worse problems if underlying culture issues go unaddressed. 

On culture and design, we enable you to both gain altitude AND dig in at the deepest and most systemic levels. Ultimately, it is about organizational resilience, which requires that your deep partnerships inside and outside the organization will continue to inform achieving your mission.

A Selection of Our OFFERINGS

Strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Planning with Race at Center

Address your organization’s most pressing DEI-related challenges through an inclusive process that leads to concrete changes in management practices, systems and culture.

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Leadership Team Effectiveness in a Virtual Environment

Discover new ways to sustain relationships, foster intentional communication and make tough decisions as your team collaborates in a largely-virtual working environment.

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Whole Organization assessment

It starts with knowing where you are in your talent and leadership practices, and the effect these have on your organization’s internal culture and external impact.

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Talent Initiative

This intensive and holistic consulting, coaching and training program engages key leaders in aligning, assessing, planning for, and implementing a customized leadership development and talent management strategy. 

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Ready to Go - Executive level transitions for Boards and new CEOs

Perfect for a new c-suite or chief executive, will help the new executive transition into a facilitated process designed to generate early alignment and reduce the risk of a bumpy start.

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Leadership is A Verb

Realize your vision of building and sustaining a leadership culture that lives in every facet of your work and team.

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Leading From Center

Learn and practice key concepts and skills in adaptive leadership to exercise leadership in a range of contexts.

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Strengthening Organizational Culture and Design to Get Through and Thrive

Culture has to support purpose. Design has to support culture. The decisions and choices you make now will define your culture and the way things work well into the future.

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Equitable Leadership and Succession

Learn to work in new ways to create environments in which all talented staff are positioned to advance.

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Vice President of Talent On-Demand

This service provides tailored, efficient, flexible coaching coupled with access to AchieveMission’s library of talent management tools, templates and training materials.

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Executive Coaching for Transformation

Exercise leadership on what matters most, adapting and learning in real time.

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