What makes AchieveMission UNIQUE?

AchieveMission brings a unique blended approach that combines:

  • A deep expertise in talent management and leadership development
  • A focus on enabling adaptive capacity throughout your system
  • A lived commitment to race equity and intersectionality

Our guideposts for an effective engagement reflect our values. One of our hallmarks is achieving outcomes while also enabling stakeholders to deftly navigate an uncertain, ambiguous and complex environment. To do this we:

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  • Prioritize and sustain honest working relationships that leverage the wisdom and expertise of the system
  • Jointly make key decisions and reliably execute
  • Clearly identify risks to the project in advance and take steps to mitigate those risks
  • Manage resources to the project scope
  • Adapt and shift practices as we learn with and from your team
  • Flexibly respond to changing circumstances
  • Pay attention to managing the change required of the larger organization and for individual stakeholders

Talent Management

The AchieveMission team brings deep expertise in talent management, and is comprised of experts with successful track records leading talent management and leadership development across nonprofits, NGOs and global corporations. “Talent” is the term we use to speak of the people who help organizations advance their mission. We include everyone: employees in the field, managers in the central office, executive leadership at headquarters, board members, volunteers—even consultants.

In a similarly inclusive way, we use “Talent Management” to refer to the wide variety of processes and activities that an organization must successfully undertake: planning, structuring, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, managing, developing, promoting, terminating, compensating, engaging, and retaining people. Complex systems must successfully execute these activites in order to attract and retain outstanding talent in key roles required to achieve strategic goals, to ensure that team and individual goals and activities are aligned and prioritized, and that people are supported to do their best work.

Adaptive Leadership

Inside of this focus on building talent management strategy and systems, we get to the heart of the matter, quickly and in partnership with those who know most about the problems: the people in the system. We know that most adaptive/values-based challenges require highly informed, embedded and sustained shifts in behavior in addition to expert “fixes.”

They also require that individuals and teams learn to view conflict as a constructive force that reveals the issues that need to be addressed. This collaborative approach leads to deeper ownership within the leadership teams of the client for the talent solutions that get implemented, and increases the capacity of the team and organization to support the work over time.

Adaptive challenges[*] are those for which there is no known solution, those that require the people in the system to do the work to make progress. Seeing these adaptive challenges and addressing them as such can be the key to informing and translating vision to practice.  You have a history that impacts the present every day. You also have multiple internal and external stakeholders, the constituencies, allies, and resisters who can advance or block progress. Doing the adaptive work helps you see and act on the interrelationships between the larger social system, your organization, your team and you — and to become skillful at mapping these interrelationships and partnering across authority on sustainable solutions.

[*] Based on the work of Dr. Ron Heifetz, leadership author and teacher, we enable you to diagnose your adaptive challenges and distinguish them from technical challenges. (Adaptive challenges are those for which there is no easy answer, challenges that don’t have an off-the-shelf solution and those which require the system to betray loyalties and act against long-held assumptions. Technical problems have an answer that can be easily applied.)

Race Equity

Race Equity with an Intersectional approach is one of our three strategic pillars; we bring this equity lens to all that we do. Our staff’s skill in this domain helps us transform behaviors, systems, policies and practices that perpetuate structural inequalities in management and leadership practices across our workplaces and in our communities. In our work with our partners, and internally, we are committed to surfacing tough challenges around race equity, bias and discrimination, and we identify and facilitate ways to shift mindsets and behaviors for ourselves and our partners.

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Capacity for outstanding performance in high-potential organizations is built with intention; it occurs most readily when the Board, CEO/ED, and executive team have established the fundamental principles and core architecture of a talent management strategy, and take deliberate steps to implement it. Many leaders regard talent-related issues to be among their top priorities, but lack the broad strategy, internal capacity, expertise, and resources to address these challenges. AchieveMission is a proven partner to unleash the true potential of the full staff in the robust pursuit of strategic goals.

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