Professional and Leadership Development

Foundations and Supporting Materials

Leadership Development
Leadership Dev Best Practices–IBM
Leadership Model - Example (pdf)
Leadership Model - Example (ppt)
Manager Training - Sample
Corporate Executive Board - Effective Leadership Training
LDR Anatomy of an Effective Leadership Development Strategy - A Guide to Creating a High Impact Approach to Leadership Talent
LDR Anatomy of an Effective Leadership Development Strategy - Discussion Guide
LDR Anatomy of an Effective Leadership Development Strategy - Key Components Overview
LDR Anatomy of an Effective Leadership Development Strategy - Sample Self Assessment
LDR Anatomy of an Effective Leadership Development Strategy - Sample Self Assessment Report

Professional Development
Foundations of Professional Development
Individual Development Plan - Background and Sample Form (doc)
Individual Development Plan - Background and Sample Form (pdf)
Individual Development Plan Tool - Sample
Individual Learning and Dev Needs Analysis Tool
People Development Philosophy - Sample
Professional Development Guide 2012
Sample.Professional Development Toolkit
Summary Sheet_Professional Development - Sample
Supervisor's Coaching Dev. Worksheet - Sample

Sample Roadmaps
Manager Development Roadmap - Example
Professional Development Roadmap - Template


“A Players” or “A Positions”
7 Principles Adult Learning
A New Lens for Reframing HP Lead Program
A Three-tiered Approach to Lead Training
Are You a Leader or a Manager - CBS News
Benefits of Diverse Experience in Lead
BOA Neighborhood Builders Leadership Development
Bridgespan Webinar-December-2018
Bridging the Skill Gap
BSCF Leading for Change FINAL - 2014
Building Employee Potential
Building Talent Pipeline
Crisis Averted Supporting Lead Transitions
Design Thinking for Social Innovation
Developing a Lead Strategy
Developing Leaders
Developing the 21st Century Leader
Differentiate and Affirm Your People
Do You Have Right Leaders
Effective Management
Executive Coaching Project
Future of Leadership Development
Good in Theory, Problems in Practice
Helping Leaders Reinvent and Restructure
High Impact Lead Development
High Impact Leadership Development Model - Bersin
High Potential Talent
How Does Leadership Vary Across the Globe
How Growing Organizations Develop Leaders
How to Decide What Skill to Work on Next
How to Hang On to Your High Potentials
How to Minimize Risk of Hiring Outside Stars
How To Say ‘I Don’t Know’ With Grace And Authority—A Leadership Lesson From Ta-Nehisi Coates
How to Set Expectations with Young Talent
Identify and Grow NP Lead Talent
Identifying Learn Needs
Individual Dev Plan DOD
Individual Development Plan USDA
Individual Development Planning - Government Samples
Individual Development Plans - State of NH
Investigation of Cost Benefit – Lead Dev
Investing in a New Era of Nonprofit Talent
Investing in Leadership GEO
Key Factors Impacting
Lead Dev New Solutions
Leadership Quick Reference
Making the Shift from Tech Expert
Making Yourself Indespensible
Managing Professional Development
More Bang for Buck Impact
Needs Assessment–First Step
New BP of High-Impact Learn Org
Nonprofit Leadership Development
On-the-Job Dev Opportunities
PerformanceGrid Warner
Reengaging Proven Leaders
Supporting Next Generation Lead
Talent Management
The 5-2-2 of Results-Based Leadership Development - The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The 70-20-10 Principle
The Challenge of Dev Future Lead Bridgespan
The Leaders We Need Now
The 70-20-10 Model
What Difference a Difference Makes
When Stars Migrate
Which of These People Is Your Future CEO
Why leadership-development programs fail _ McKinsey & Company
You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time

Talent Initiative

Sample Proposal
Talent Initiative Proposal - Example

Foundations and Supporting Materials

1. Internal Notes
Blueprint - Reference
End of Project Checklist - Template
Notetaking Pointers - Reference
Project Lead Guide Revised Schedule - Example
Talent Initiative Metrics - Reference
Talent Initiative Metrics Reference - Template

2. Project Lead and Communications Guides
1 - Project Lead Guide - Sample 2019
2 - Staff Communications Templates - Sample

3. Discovery Interview and Data Prep Materials
Interview and Focus Group Questions with DEI - Example
Interview Questions - Template
Survey Questions - Template

4. Project Materials and Flow
1 - Alignment with CEO - Example
2a - Pre-Kickoff - Example
2b - Kickoff - Example
2c - Kickoff Meeting Notes - Example
2d - Talent Team Schedule of Key Milestone Meetings - Example
4 - Talent Initiative Findings Report - Word Version Example
4 - Talent Initiative Findings Report Deck Version - Example
4 - Talent Initiative Findings Report Executive Summary - Example
4a - Findings Retreat Advance Materials - Example
4b - Findings Retreat Meeting Deck - Example
5 - Findings Report Additional Analysis Memo - Example
5 - Findings Staff Communications FAQ - Example
6 - Roadmap Planning Meeting (Basic) - Template
6a - Roadmap Culture and Values - Example
6a - Roadmap Culture and Values Planning meeting - Example
6b - Roadmap Hiring and Onboarding - Example
6b - Roadmap Hiring and Onboarding Planning meeting - Example
6c - Roadmap Internal Communications - Example
6c - Roadmap Internal Communications Guide - Resource
6c - Roadmap Internal Communications Planning meeting - Example
6d - Roadmap Rewards and Recognition - Example
6d - Roadmap Rewards and Recognition Planning Meeting - Example
6e - Roadmap Leadership and Professional Development - Example
6e - Roadmap Leadership and Professional Development Meeting - Example
7 - Planning Retreat Facilitator Agenda - Example
7 -Planning Retreat Meeting Deck - Example
7a - Planning Retreat Culture Values Roadmap - Example
7b - Planning Retreat Hiring and Onboarding - Example
7c - Planning Retreat Internal Communications Roadmap - Example
7d - Planning Retreat Rewards and Recognition Roadmap - Example
8 - Commencement Guiding Questions for ORG Senior Management Team - Example
8 - Commencement Talent Management Plan Briefing Deck - Example
9 - FINAL Talent Management Strategy Plan - Word Version Example
9 - FINAL Talent Management Strategy Plan - Deck Version Example

Performance Management

Foundations and Supporting Materials

1 - Performance Management Project Launch - Example
2a - Performance Management Foundations in TM - Template
2b - Participant Pre Work - Example
3a - Performance Management Roadmap - Example
3b - XYZ Manager Role in Performance Management - Example
4 - Performance Management Training of Trainers - Example

Managers As Coach (MAC) Series

1. General Manager As Coach Resources
1 - MAC - Coaching Framework - feedback & active listening
2 - MAC Whole Day Training
3 - MAC - Motivation & Recognition
Handout - Manager's Weekly Checklist
Handout -MAC Survey, self-assessment, action planning
Handout-Manager As Coach-Asking Questions

2. MAC - Coaching for Development
Sample Decks
MAC - Coaching for Development Training - ExampleA (shorter)
MAC - Coaching for Development Training - ExampleB (longer)
MAC - Coaching for Development Training - ExampleC
Handout - Development Coaching Compiled Workbook
Handout -Managers Prep for Development - Career Planning
Handout Day 1.1 Listening Habits - Types of Listeners
Handout Day 1.2-Manager as Coach-Asking Questions
Handout Day 1.3 What is the Root Cause of the Gap
Handout Day 1.5 Employee Tools
Handout Day 1.7a Individual Learning & Dev Needs Analysis
Handout Day 1.7b Individual Development Planning

3. MAC - Coaching for Goal Achievement
1 - Manager Prep Sheet
2 - Coaching Practice Directions and Observer Chart
3 - Coaching for Performance Scenario
4 - Root Cause Diagnostic
MAC - Coaching for Goal Achievement

4. MAC - Coaching for Underperformance
Sample Decks
MAC - Coaching for Underperformance - Example A
MAC - Coaching for Underperformance - Example B
Coaching for Under Performance - Scenario A-Ringo George
Coaching for Under Performance - Scenario B-Tegan
Coaching for Under Performance - Scenario C-Linda
Coaching Practice directions and observer chart

5. MAC - Giving Effective Feedback
Sample Decks
Manager Training - Effective Feedback - Example
Manager Training Agenda - Effective Feedback - Template
Manager Prep Sheet - Handout
Performance Root Cause Diagnostic - Handout
White Dominant Culture by Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones


1. Giving Difficult Feedback
Facilitators Guide
Sample Emails
1 - How to Give Tough Feedback
2 - A Better Way to Deliver Bad News
3 - Feedback Planning Worksheet
4 - Asking the Right Questions
10 ways to put your finger on what's wrong. feedback

2. Performance Reviews
Conducting Performance Reviews
Delivering Effective Performance Review
GE Re-Engineers Performance Reviews, Pay Practices - WSJ
Getting the Most Out of Performance Appraisal
Mid-Year Review Process
Performance Reviews
Why High Performers Really Like Performance Reviews

3. Readings
1 - Get Rid of the Performance Review
2 - Positive Program for Performance Appraisals
3 - Incredible Power of Company-Wide Goal Alignment
Google's Quest Build Better Boss with Google's Rules
Summary Sheet - Performance Management
The Art of Delegation

4. Other Readings
10 Performance Management Trends
A Nonprofit Dashboard and Signal Light–Boards
An Emotionally Intelligent Based Theory of Performance
Beyond the Bonus
Developing a Management Philosophy
Drivers of Commitment and Engagement 2011
Elevating Employee Performance
Employee Engagement
Exemplary Performance
Getting 360 Feedback Right
Goal Alignment
How to Get Involved without Micromanaging
If You Don't Want To Influence Others, You Can't Lead
If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material
In Pursuit of a Better Boss
Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations
Key Considerations When Implementing Performance Management in the Public Service – Delta Partners
Leading Clever People
Management Philosophy - Dubuque Example
Management Philosophy Statement - APA Example
Management Philosophy
Managing Motivating Employees in 20s
New Leadership Mindset
Nine Keys to Performance Management
One-on-Ones are My Most Valuable Meetings
Performance Culture - Nestlé Global
Performance Management
Performance Management_Keeping the Right People
PM Key to Outperforming
Principles and Guidelines for Great Leaders
Reinventing Performance
Removing Bias from Performance Management
Sample Employee Surveys - Sample Engagement Survey Questions, Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire
Seeing Yourself as Others See You
Setting Goals Effectively
Six Boxes - Performance Management Model
The First Requirement for Becoming a Great Boss
The Future of Performance Reviews
The Hard Truth about Effective Performance Management
The Leadership Gap
The Most Important Question a Manager Can Ask
The Only Three Things a Leader Should Focus On
The Right to Management Competence
Using KPIs
Walking the Talk
What Having a Growth Mindset Really Means
What High Performers Want at Work
What is a Management Philosophy
What Motivates High Performers - Adi Gaskell on Social Business

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Scoping Tools - Proposals

DEI Proposal - Example
Race Equity Proposal - Example

Foundations and Supporting Materials

1. DEI Definitions

Common Ground Definitions - Reference
DEI Definitions - Example
DEI Belief and Definitions
IISC Core Racial Justice Working Definitions - Reference.docx
IISC Core Racial Justice Working Definitions - Reference.pdf
Sample DEI definitions - Reference.docx
Sample DEI definitions - Reference.pdf

2. Project Templates and Resources

2a. Project Roles
DEI Project Roles - Example

2b. Alignment Meetings
Alignment Meeting Agenda - ExampleA
Alignment Meeting Agenda - ExampleB
Alignment Meeting Agenda - ExampleC

2c. Discovery
All-Staff Survey Discussion Meeting - Example
DEI Document Request - Template
DEI Interview Question - Template
Focus Group Interview Questions - Template
Focus Group Process Communication - Template
Interview Template - Template
Opening Message - Template
Survey Questions - Example

2d. DEI Working Group
DEI Charter Resources - Sample
DEI Working Group Charge - Example
DEI Working Group Charge - Template
DEI Working Group Meeting #1 - ExampleA
DEI Working Group Meeting #1 - ExampleB
DEI Working Group Meeting #2 - Example
DEI Working Group Meeting #3 - Example
Meeting #1 Facilitation Agenda - Sample

2e. Findings
Findings Meetings
All-Staff Findings Meeting - Example
All-Staff Findings Meeting Facilitator Agenda - Example
DEI Findings Retreat - Example
Findings Retreat - Day 1 - Example
Findings Retreat - Day 2 - Example
Pre-Findings Meeting Agenda - Example
Staff and Board Leadership Findings - Example
Sample Findings Reports and Priority Areas
Findings Report - ExampleA
Findings Report - ExampleB
Recommended Priority Areas - ExampleA
Recommended Priority Areas - ExampleB

2f. Roadmaps and Planning
Most Recent
Sample Roadmaps
Culture and Values Roadmap
DEI Integration Training and Professional Development Project Plan - Example
Hiring and Onboarding Roadmap
Internal Communication Roadmap
Organizational Leadership for Racial Equity - Example
Race Equity Integration Training and Professional Development - Example
Rewards and Recognition Roadmap
Talent Acquisition and Career Development - Example
Roadmap and Planning Retreat Meeting Materials
Improve Leadership Decision-Making Clarity and Inclusiveness Roadmap Meeting - Example
Planning Retreat - Example
Race Equity Integration Training and PD Roadmap Meeting - Example
Talent Acquisition and Career Development Roadmap Meeting Notes - Example

Older Roadmap Examples
DEI Roadmap for Behavior.Culture - Example
DEI Roadmap for Change - Example
DEI Roadmap for Talent Acquisition - Example
DEI Roadmaps Brainstorm - Example
DEI Talent Acquisition Roadmap - Sample

2g. Final Strategy Plan
Sample DEI Strategy Plans
DEI Plan Gantt Chart Final - Example
Plan At A Glance Slides - Example
Race Equity Strategy Plan Final - Example

3. Implementation Guidance Tools
DEI Guide for PTA Local Leaders

Readings, Tools, and Activities

1. Action-Oriented Tools
Continuum of an Anti-Racist Org
Diversity Competencies - The Conference Board
Diversity Definitions
Embracing Equity, 7 Steps - Anne E Casey Foundation
Equitable and Inclusive Hiring and Promotion Practices_v1
Executive Brief - 12_Diversity_Practices
LGBTQ Inclusion Assessment
Org Assessment Tool - TCE-Diversity-Audit
Racial Equity Assessment
Racial Justice Org Assessment
Racial Tasks - Wingfield
Recognizing Unconscious Bias
Reviewing Data Norms and Pitfalls
Systems Thinking and Race - Summary and Exercises

2. Activities for Building Awareness
Privilege Beads Exercise
Who Am I - Race & Privilege

3. Advancing Black Leadership
Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work - Link for Reference
Meyer DEI Spectrum Tool - Reference
Race Debrief Protocol - Template
Success Comes from Affirming Your Potential
The Costs of Code-Switching
The Day-to-Day Work of Diversity and Inclusion
Toward a Racially Just Workplace
Why So Many Organizations Stay White

4. Resources from Webinars
Core Competencies to Support Grantmakers' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work
DEI Core Competencies Webinar Recording
How Purpose Changes the Way We Look at Diversity and Inclusion
Webinar Deck - How Purpose Changes the Way We Look at Diversity and Inclusion

5. Teleos Workshop on Coaching on Race
Report on Teleos Leadership Institute Coaching Workshop on Race

6. White Supremacy - Dominant Culture
Identifying characteristics of a White Supremacy Culture
The Bias of ‘Professionalism’ Standards. June 2019
White Supremacy Culture
Whiteness in Organizations - From White Supremacy to Allyship

7. Readings
Anti-Racist Organizational Change - Resources and Tools
Avoiding Racial Equity Detours - Gorski
Changing Organizational Culture from Embedded Bias to Equity and Inclusion - Professional Safety Journal
DEI Resources and Websites
Demos Racial Equity Report 2018
Demos Racial Equity Transformation -  January 2019
Embedding Racial Equity into Day to Day
Equity in Center Infographic
Everyday Equity Workbook - Leadership Learning Community 2019
Examining Culture
Helping Whites Develop Anti-Racist Identities
How to Promote Racial Equity in the Workplace. Harvard Review - Sept 2020
How to Say I Don't Know - Oct 2019
Journey Mapping instructions
Managing Unconscious Bias
Obstacles and Opportunities in Addressing the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap
Operationalizing Equity - Annie E Casey Foundation 2017
Removing Bias from Performance Management
Resource Map Working Group Spreadsheet
Stanford Social Innovation Review - Addressing Marginalization
Stanford Social Innovation Review - Live Webinar Overcoming Racial Bias - Bridgespan
Talent Justice Launch Webinar PPT - FINAL
The Emperor Teaching Racism People Who Don't Want to Know
Vulnerable Populations People of Color in Leadership Roles

Culture and Core Values

Foundations and Supporting Materials

Background and Meeting Decks
1 - Foundations Culture & Values - Example
2 - Sample Values Blueprints
3 - Values Implementation Sample Resources
4 - Core Values Kick-off - Example
5 - Values Team Review Meeting - Example
6 - Culture Focus Group (old) - Example

Sample Roadmaps
Culture and Values Roadmap - Example
Culture and Values Roadmap - Example
Culture Roadmap - Template (older)
DEI Roadmap for Behavior.Culture - Example


Aligning Action and Values - Jim Collins
Building Civilized Workplace
Building Trust Infographic - 2015
Change Leader Change Thyself
Communicating Your Organization's Culture to Job Candidates
Corporate Climate Mutual help
Corporations Culture Commitment
Costcos Famous Fish
Creating an Innovative Culture - Employee Communication - August, 2016
Designing Trustworthy Organizations - A Link for Reference
Designing Trustworthy Organizations
Driving Long Term Engagement Through High-Performance Culture
Emerging Nonprofit Leaders
Example of Behavioralizing Values
Example of Core Values
Founding Stories (Redact)
Good Way to Change Culture - Harvard Business Review
How Netflix Reinvented
How to Change Your Organization's Culture
How We Built This Designing Organizational Culture Public
HubSpot Culture Deck
Importance of Feedback in a High-Performance Culture
Live Ops a Case Study in Workplace Design
Making Organizational Learning Stick
Netflix Culture Presentation (also in Talent Acquisition)
Netflix Culture Presentation
Pitfalls When Rolling Out New Values
Possible - Our For-Impact Culture Code
Shifting Priorities in the Nonprofit Sector - Creating a Performance Management Culture
Strategies for Cultivating an Organizational Learning Culture
Talent Initiative Best Practices
Talent Initiative Business Case
The Leader and the Organization
The Neuroscience of Trust
Three Guideposts for Cultivating a Vibrant Organizational Culture
Who We Are
Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others - NYTimes
Why You Hate Work
Work and the Loneliness Epidemic - Vivek Murthy
Work-Life Balance TedTalk
Zappos A Case Study in Work Environment Design


Scoping Tools

1 - Competencies Scope of Work - Example
2 - Project Lead Guide - Template
3 - End of Project Checklist - Example

Foundations and Supporting Materials

Background Resources
1 - Creating and Implementing Competencies - Guidelines
2 - Competencies Staff Training Foundations - Example
2a - PD slides with competencies background info - Example
2b - Competencies Foundations (older) - Example
3 - Competency Mapping Worksheet - Template
4 - Proficiency Scales - Example
4b - Proficiency Scales - Template
5 - Sample Compiled Competencies Library

Interview and Data Prep Materials
Behavioral Interview Questions for Common Competencies - Example A
Behavioral Interview Questions for Common Competencies - Example B (longer)
Competencies and Definition proposals - Example
Competencies Interview Notes - Template
Interviewee Email Language - Template

Meeting Decks
0. Alignment - Template
1. Kickoff & Interview Training - Template
1a. Competencies Project Team Kickoff - Example
1b. Data Prep - Template
2. Pre-Findings - Template
2a. Pre-Findings - Example
3. Definitions - Template
3a. Definitions - Example
4. Proficiency Scales - Template
4a. Competencies Proficiency Scales Launch - Example
5. Planning - Template
5a. Planning - Example


Building a Core Competency Model
Characteristics of a White Supremacy Culture
Competency Management
Core Competencies for Effective NP Executives
Document Tracker Competencies and Management
Doing Competencies Right
Four Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Using Competencies
Four Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Using Competencies in Talent Management
Framework for Great Nonprofit Leadership
How to Decide What Skill to Work on Next
iMentor Leadership Competency Model
KIPP Leadership Competency Model
Life After the Competency Model
Make Your Company a Talent Factory
Managing a Diverse Workforce
The Competency Conundrum - Conger and Ready
Using Influence
You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time
You Don’t Have to Be the Boss to Change How Your Company Works

Other Readings on Competencies
31 Core Competencies Explained
Competencies - Alternative Frameworks
Competencies Gateways
Competency Framework Phillips CE
Competency Mapping
Comprehensive Rubric
Core Values - Wall Posters Culture Builders
Critical Competencies for Leaders
Dos & Don'ts – Competency modeling
Dynamics of Core Competencies
Evaluating and Developing Mgmt Competencies
Examples Competency Interview Questions
Exploring Leadership Effectiveness
Get Past Competency Chaos
Impact of Competency Management
Implementing Competency Management
Jim Collins on Identifying Core Values
Measuring Addressing Competency Gaps
Myth of the Generic Manager
The Leadership Gap
The Manager Experience
You Can't Be a Great Leader Without Trust