Adaptive Leadership Training Overview

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of this engagement is to learn and practice key concepts and skills in adaptive leadership to exercise leadership in a range of contexts. Trained AchieveMission consultants create a learning environment in which participants individually and collectively develop leadership awareness and skills and walk away with tools to unpack and map future leadership challenges. Tools and concepts from two key adult development approaches are used – Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change. Over the course of three sessions, participants learn key concepts, apply their learning to their own experiences, and collaborate with peers across the group.

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What It Looks Like in Action

Adaptive Leadership: The session begins with a learning laboratory facilitated by AchieveMission. In this 120-minute segment, AchieveMission consultants allow a learning experience to evolve that evokes questions and actions unique to the individuals in the room and to their group dynamic. By posing probing questions to the group and allowing the actions to play out, a rich experience is created that will serve as the focus of the debrief and learning.

AchieveMission consultants facilitate a discussion that reflects on the actions that took place among the group. This discussion integrates their experience of power; influence; informal and formal authority; individual and group assumptions; and adaptive and technical challenges. The AchieveMission consultants help the participants to navigate their own perceptions and make meaning of the experience individually and as a group. The outcome is a lived experience and broadened understanding of adaptive leadership and the ability to define and approach challenges and solutions in complex contexts.

Case Consultancy: In preparation for this session, participants prepare a brief description of a challenge they are facing in their current work. One case is brought to the whole group. AchieveMission consultants facilitate and model a case consultancy protocol that allows for collaborative problem solving and understanding the challenge from different perspectives. Skills for effective consultation and peer-coaching are delivered. Participants then break into groups of four to five and follow facilitation guides to consult on the cases that each as prepared. The outcome of this segment is an expanded view of the challenge and solutions for the case presenter and building a community of learning through problem solving as a group.

Immunity to Change: In preparation for this session, participants identify two to three key leadership goals that they have for themselves. They list things that they are currently doing or not doing towards achieving these goals. Trained AchieveMission consultants facilitate individual coaching to model the Immunity to Change methodology. This coaching exercise reveals hidden commitments and assumptions that get in the way of achieving one’s goal. Participants separate into pairs and coach each other through the methodology. The outcome of this session is increased awareness of one’s own leadership strengths and challenges to address.

Finally, the group completes with a whole group reflection and individuals design their own leadership plans for real-time action.