Scoping Tools

1 – Competencies Scope of Work – Example
2 – Project Lead Guide – Template
3 – End of Project Checklist – Example

Foundations and Supporting Materials

Background Resources
1 – Creating and Implementing Competencies – Guidelines
2 – Competencies Staff Training Foundations – Example
2a – PD slides with competencies background info – Example
2b – Competencies Foundations (older) – Example
3 – Competency Mapping Worksheet – Template
4 – Proficiency Scales – Example
4b – Proficiency Scales – Template
5 – Sample Compiled Competencies Library

Interview and Data Prep Materials
Behavioral Interview Questions for Common Competencies – Example A
Behavioral Interview Questions for Common Competencies – Example B (longer)
Competencies and Definition proposals – Example
Competencies Interview Notes – Template
Interviewee Email Language – Template

Meeting Decks
0. Alignment – Template
1. Kickoff & Interview Training – Template
1a. Competencies Project Team Kickoff – Example
1b. Data Prep – Template
2. Pre-Findings – Template
2a. Pre-Findings – Example
3. Definitions – Template
3a. Definitions – Example
4. Proficiency Scales – Template
4a. Competencies Proficiency Scales Launch – Example
5. Planning – Template
5a. Planning – Example


Building a Core Competency Model
Characteristics of a White Supremacy Culture
Competency Management
Core Competencies for Effective NP Executives
Document Tracker Competencies and Management
Doing Competencies Right
Four Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Using Competencies
Four Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Using Competencies in Talent Management
Framework for Great Nonprofit Leadership
How to Decide What Skill to Work on Next
iMentor Leadership Competency Model
KIPP Leadership Competency Model
Life After the Competency Model
Managing a Diverse Workforce
The Competency Conundrum – Conger and Ready
Using Influence
You Can Learn and Get Work Done at the Same Time

Other Readings on Competencies
31 Core Competencies Explained
Competencies – Alternative Frameworks
Competencies Gateways
Competency Framework Phillips CE
Competency Mapping
Comprehensive Rubric
Core Values – Wall Posters Culture Builders
Critical Competencies for Leaders
Dos & Don’ts – Competency modeling
Dynamics of Core Competencies
Evaluating and Developing Mgmt Competencies
Examples Competency Interview Questions
Exploring Leadership Effectiveness
Get Past Competency Chaos
Impact of Competency Management
Implementing Competency Management
Jim Collins on Identifying Core Values
Measuring Addressing Competency Gaps
Myth of the Generic Manager
The Leadership Gap
The Manager Experience
You Can’t Be a Great Leader Without Trust