Corporation for Supportive Housing Grows and Changes with AchieveMission Support - A Deep Independent Case Study Funded by Annie E. Casey Foundation

This case study, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, explores how Casey grantee Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) worked with AchieveMission to build its human capital management. Through the Talent Initiative program, CSH adopted a three-year human capital management plan. The plan helped CSH align its workforce more closely with its strategic goals and thus improve outcomes and increase organizational effectiveness. With AchieveMission’s support, CSH created a culture of accountability through the introduction of cascaded goals, executed a talent review to assess the organization’s human capital gaps, and implemented succession management for key roles. This case study provides a clear example for organization leaders who want to understand the importance of a strategic approach to human capital management. The most comprehensive case study of AchieveMission’s work to date, it also clearly explains AchieveMission’s human capital management framework and the Talent Initiative program from the perspective of an enrolled organization.

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