Foundations and Supporting Materials

Background and Meeting Decks
1 – Foundations Culture & Values – Example
2 – Sample Values Blueprints
3 – Values Implementation Sample Resources
4 – Core Values Kick-off – Example
5 – Values Team Review Meeting – Example
6 – Culture Focus Group (old) – Example

Sample Roadmaps
Culture and Values Roadmap – Example
Culture and Values Roadmap – Example
Culture Roadmap – Template (older)
DEI Roadmap for Behavior.Culture – Example


Aligning Action and Values – Jim Collins
Building Civilized Workplace
Building Trust Infographic – 2015
Change Leader Change Thyself
Communicating Your Organization’s Culture to Job Candidates
Corporate Climate Mutual help
Corporations Culture Commitment
Costcos Famous Fish
Creating an Innovative Culture – Employee Communication – August, 2016
Designing Trustworthy Organizations – A Link for Reference
Designing Trustworthy Organizations
Driving Long Term Engagement Through High-Performance Culture
Emerging Nonprofit Leaders
Example of Behavioralizing Values
Example of Core Values
Founding Stories (Redact)
Good Way to Change Culture – Harvard Business Review
How Netflix Reinvented
How to Change Your Organization’s Culture
How We Built This Designing Organizational Culture Public
HubSpot Culture Deck
Importance of Feedback in a High-Performance Culture
Live Ops a Case Study in Workplace Design
Making Organizational Learning Stick
Netflix Culture Presentation (also in Talent Acquisition)
Netflix Culture Presentation
Pitfalls When Rolling Out New Values
Possible – Our For-Impact Culture Code
Shifting Priorities in the Nonprofit Sector – Creating a Performance Management Culture
Strategies for Cultivating an Organizational Learning Culture
Talent Initiative Best Practices
Talent Initiative Business Case
The Leader and the Organization
The Neuroscience of Trust
Three Guideposts for Cultivating a Vibrant Organizational Culture
Who We Are
Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others – NYTimes
Why You Hate Work
Work and the Loneliness Epidemic – Vivek Murthy
Work-Life Balance TedTalk
Zappos A Case Study in Work Environment Design