Foundations and Supporting Materials

Background and Meeting Decks
1 – Foundations Culture & Values – Example
2 – Sample Values Blueprints
3 – Values Implementation Sample Resources
4 – Core Values Kick-off – Example
5 – Values Team Review Meeting – Example
6 – Culture Focus Group (old) – Example

Sample Roadmaps
Culture and Values Roadmap – Example
Culture and Values Roadmap – Example
Culture Roadmap – Template (older)
DEI Roadmap for Behavior.Culture – Example


Aligning Action and Values – Jim Collins
Building Civilized Workplace
Building Trust Infographic – 2015
Change Leader Change Thyself
Communicating Your Organization’s Culture to Job Candidates
Corporate Climate Mutual help
Corporations Culture Commitment
Costcos Famous Fish
Creating an Innovative Culture – Employee Communication – August, 2016
Designing Trustworthy Organizations – A Link for Reference
Designing Trustworthy Organizations
Driving Long Term Engagement Through High-Performance Culture
Emerging Nonprofit Leaders
Example of Behavioralizing Values
Example of Core Values
Founding Stories (Redact)
Good Way to Change Culture – Harvard Business Review
How to Change Your Organization’s Culture
How We Built This Designing Organizational Culture Public
HubSpot Culture Deck
Importance of Feedback in a High-Performance Culture
Live Ops a Case Study in Workplace Design
Making Organizational Learning Stick
Netflix Culture Presentation (also in Talent Acquisition)
Netflix Culture Presentation
Pitfalls When Rolling Out New Values
Possible – Our For-Impact Culture Code
Shifting Priorities in the Nonprofit Sector – Creating a Performance Management Culture
Strategies for Cultivating an Organizational Learning Culture
Talent Initiative Best Practices
Talent Initiative Business Case
The Leader and the Organization
Three Guideposts for Cultivating a Vibrant Organizational Culture
Who We Are
Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others – NYTimes
Why You Hate Work
Work and the Loneliness Epidemic – Vivek Murthy
Work-Life Balance TedTalk
Zappos A Case Study in Work Environment Design