Scoping Tools – Proposals

DEI Proposal – Example
Race Equity Proposal – Example

Foundations and Supporting Materials

1. DEI Definitions

Common Ground Definitions – Reference
DEI Definitions – Example
DEI Belief and Definitions
IISC Core Racial Justice Working Definitions – Reference.docx
IISC Core Racial Justice Working Definitions – Reference.pdf
Sample DEI definitions – Reference.docx
Sample DEI definitions – Reference.pdf

2. Project Templates and Resources

2a. Project Roles
DEI Project Roles – Example

2b. Alignment Meetings
Alignment Meeting Agenda – ExampleA
Alignment Meeting Agenda – ExampleB
Alignment Meeting Agenda – ExampleC

2c. Discovery
All-Staff Survey Discussion Meeting – Example
DEI Document Request – Template
DEI Interview Question – Template
Focus Group Interview Questions – Template
Focus Group Process Communication – Template
Interview Template – Template
Opening Message – Template
Survey Questions – Example

2d. DEI Working Group
DEI Charter Resources – Sample
DEI Working Group Charge – Example
DEI Working Group Charge – Template
DEI Working Group Meeting #1 – ExampleA
DEI Working Group Meeting #1 – ExampleB
DEI Working Group Meeting #2 – Example
DEI Working Group Meeting #3 – Example
Meeting #1 Facilitation Agenda – Sample

2e. Findings
Findings Meetings
All-Staff Findings Meeting – Example
All-Staff Findings Meeting Facilitator Agenda – Example
DEI Findings Retreat – Example
Findings Retreat – Day 1 – Example
Findings Retreat – Day 2 – Example
Pre-Findings Meeting Agenda – Example
Staff and Board Leadership Findings – Example
Sample Findings Reports and Priority Areas
Findings Report – ExampleA
Findings Report – ExampleB
Recommended Priority Areas – ExampleA
Recommended Priority Areas – ExampleB

2f. Roadmaps and Planning
Most Recent
Sample Roadmaps
Culture and Values Roadmap
DEI Integration Training and Professional Development Project Plan – Example
Hiring and Onboarding Roadmap
Internal Communication Roadmap
Organizational Leadership for Racial Equity – Example
Race Equity Integration Training and Professional Development – Example
Rewards and Recognition Roadmap
Talent Acquisition and Career Development – Example
Roadmap and Planning Retreat Meeting Materials
Improve Leadership Decision-Making Clarity and Inclusiveness Roadmap Meeting – Example
Planning Retreat – Example
Race Equity Integration Training and PD Roadmap Meeting – Example
Talent Acquisition and Career Development Roadmap Meeting Notes – Example

Older Roadmap Examples
DEI Roadmap for Behavior.Culture – Example
DEI Roadmap for Change – Example
DEI Roadmap for Talent Acquisition – Example
DEI Roadmaps Brainstorm – Example
DEI Talent Acquisition Roadmap – Sample

2g. Final Strategy Plan
Sample DEI Strategy Plans
DEI Plan Gantt Chart Final – Example
Plan At A Glance Slides – Example
Race Equity Strategy Plan Final – Example

3. Implementation Guidance Tools
DEI Guide for PTA Local Leaders

Readings, Tools, and Activities

1. Action-Oriented Tools
Continuum of an Anti-Racist Org
Diversity Competencies – The Conference Board
Diversity Definitions
Embracing Equity, 7 Steps – Anne E Casey Foundation
Equitable and Inclusive Hiring and Promotion Practices_v1
Executive Brief – 12_Diversity_Practices
LGBTQ Inclusion Assessment
Org Assessment Tool – TCE-Diversity-Audit
Racial Equity Assessment
Racial Justice Org Assessment
Racial Tasks – Wingfield
Recognizing Unconscious Bias
Reviewing Data Norms and Pitfalls
Systems Thinking and Race – Summary and Exercises

2. Activities for Building Awareness
Privilege Beads Exercise
Who Am I – Race & Privilege

3. Advancing Black Leadership
Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work – Link for Reference
Meyer DEI Spectrum Tool – Reference
Race Debrief Protocol – Template
Success Comes from Affirming Your Potential
The Costs of Code-Switching
The Day-to-Day Work of Diversity and Inclusion
Toward a Racially Just Workplace
Why So Many Organizations Stay White

4. Resources from Webinars
Core Competencies to Support Grantmakers’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work
DEI Core Competencies Webinar Recording
How Purpose Changes the Way We Look at Diversity and Inclusion
Webinar Deck – How Purpose Changes the Way We Look at Diversity and Inclusion

5. Teleos Workshop on Coaching on Race
Report on Teleos Leadership Institute Coaching Workshop on Race

6. White Supremacy – Dominant Culture
Identifying characteristics of a White Supremacy Culture
The Bias of ‘Professionalism’ Standards. June 2019
White Supremacy Culture
Whiteness in Organizations – From White Supremacy to Allyship

7. Readings
Anti-Racist Organizational Change – Resources and Tools
Avoiding Racial Equity Detours – Gorski
Changing Organizational Culture from Embedded Bias to Equity and Inclusion – Professional Safety Journal
DEI Resources and Websites
Demos Racial Equity Report 2018
Demos Racial Equity Transformation –  January 2019
Embedding Racial Equity into Day to Day
Equity in Center Infographic
Everyday Equity Workbook – Leadership Learning Community 2019
Examining Culture
Helping Whites Develop Anti-Racist Identities
How to Promote Racial Equity in the Workplace. Harvard Review – Sept 2020
How to Say I Don’t Know – Oct 2019
Journey Mapping instructions
Managing Unconscious Bias
Obstacles and Opportunities in Addressing the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap
Operationalizing Equity – Annie E Casey Foundation 2017
Removing Bias from Performance Management
Resource Map Working Group Spreadsheet
Stanford Social Innovation Review – Addressing Marginalization
Stanford Social Innovation Review – Live Webinar Overcoming Racial Bias – Bridgespan
Talent Justice Launch Webinar PPT – FINAL
The Emperor Teaching Racism People Who Don’t Want to Know
Vulnerable Populations People of Color in Leadership Roles