Leading In and Through the Crisis- AchieveMission offers for you in this moment

Making progress on what matters right now is the very definition of confronting adaptive challenges. Dealing with our global evolving public health emergency, an impending recession, our own families and team needs, and how we then focus our more ample time and more limited resources requires the deepest listening and connected learning. None of us have a scripted way to solve a whole set of interconnected problems like this, those whose subtle contours and layered implications we still cannot fully grasp.

In all of this, as always, we need to lead and to run our organizations and achieve our missions. Our virtual leadership and team meetings these days require decisions about budget, staffing and future planning that can either advance our equity goals and values or risk quashing them at the very moment we need to hold them most. In many cases the resources are decreasing. The stakes remain high.

To support you in this moment, we have two offers to make, both free of charge:

1) A national on-line conversation about Leading In and Through – Join our team this Thursday, March 26th at 1pm Eastern to help you get to the balcony in this moment and connect to others doing the same.

Register here

2) Office hours with an AchieveMission team member – sign up for 30 minutes with a member of our team to share your challenges and get some ideas or resources.

Sign up with:

Mikaela Seligman, Executive DirectorAngela Romans, PartnerMike Markovits, PartnerPatrick Garrity, Senior Consultant

At AchieveMission, we want to share with you what we know and have to offer in this moment where there is so much we don’t know. Please let us know what else you and your organizations need. We are indeed all in this together.

Stay safe and well. This is, at its base, a public health emergency and taking care of ourselves and others is paramount.