Foundations and Supporting Materials

1 – Performance Management Project Launch – Example
2a – Performance Management Foundations in TM – Template
2b – Participant Pre Work – Example
3a – Performance Management Roadmap – Example
3b – XYZ Manager Role in Performance Management – Example
4 – Performance Management Training of Trainers – Example

Managers As Coach (MAC) Series

1. General Manager As Coach Resources
1 – MAC – Coaching Framework – feedback & active listening
2 – MAC Whole Day Training
3 – MAC – Motivation & Recognition
Handout – Manager’s Weekly Checklist
Handout -MAC Survey, self-assessment, action planning
Handout-Manager As Coach-Asking Questions

2. MAC – Coaching for Development
Sample Decks
MAC – Coaching for Development Training – ExampleA (shorter)
MAC – Coaching for Development Training – ExampleB (longer)
MAC – Coaching for Development Training – ExampleC
Handout – Development Coaching Compiled Workbook
Handout -Managers Prep for Development – Career Planning
Handout Day 1.1 Listening Habits – Types of Listeners
Handout Day 1.2-Manager as Coach-Asking Questions
Handout Day 1.3 What is the Root Cause of the Gap
Handout Day 1.5 Employee Tools
Handout Day 1.7a Individual Learning & Dev Needs Analysis
Handout Day 1.7b Individual Development Planning

3. MAC – Coaching for Goal Achievement
1 – Manager Prep Sheet
2 – Coaching Practice Directions and Observer Chart
3 – Root Cause Diagnostic
MAC – Coaching for Goal Achievement

4. MAC – Coaching for Underperformance
Sample Decks
MAC – Coaching for Underperformance – Example A
MAC – Coaching for Underperformance – Example B
Coaching for Under Performance – Scenario A-Ringo George
Coaching for Under Performance – Scenario B-Tegan
Coaching for Under Performance – Scenario C-Linda
Coaching Practice directions and observer chart

5. MAC – Giving Effective Feedback
Sample Decks
Manager Training – Effective Feedback – Example
Manager Training Agenda – Effective Feedback – Template
Manager Prep Sheet – Handout
Performance Root Cause Diagnostic – Handout
White Dominant Culture by Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones


1. Giving Difficult Feedback
Facilitators Guide
Sample Emails
10 ways to put your finger on what’s wrong. feedback

2. Performance Reviews
Conducting Performance Reviews
GE Re-Engineers Performance Reviews, Pay Practices – WSJ
Getting the Most Out of Performance Appraisal
Mid-Year Review Process
Performance Reviews
Why High Performers Really Like Performance Reviews

3. Readings
1 – Get Rid of the Performance Review
2 – Incredible Power of Company-Wide Goal Alignment
Google’s Quest Build Better Boss with Google’s Rules
Summary Sheet – Performance Management
The Art of Delegation

4. Other Readings
10 Performance Management Trends
A Nonprofit Dashboard and Signal Light–Boards
An Emotionally Intelligent Based Theory of Performance
Beyond the Bonus
Developing a Management Philosophy
Drivers of Commitment and Engagement 2011
Elevating Employee Performance
Employee Engagement
Exemplary Performance
Goal Alignment
Interrupting Bias in Performance Evaluations
Key Considerations When Implementing Performance Management in the Public Service – Delta Partners
Management Philosophy – Dubuque Example
Management Philosophy Statement – APA Example
Management Philosophy
Managing Motivating Employees in 20s
New Leadership Mindset
Nine Keys to Performance Management
One-on-Ones are My Most Valuable Meetings
Performance Culture – Nestlé Global
Performance Management
Performance Management_Keeping the Right People
PM Key to Outperforming
Principles and Guidelines for Great Leaders
Reinventing Performance
Removing Bias from Performance Management
Sample Employee Surveys – Sample Engagement Survey Questions, Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire
Setting Goals Effectively
Six Boxes – Performance Management Model
The Hard Truth about Effective Performance Management
The Leadership Gap
The Only Three Things a Leader Should Focus On
Using KPIs
Walking the Talk
What Having a Growth Mindset Really Means
What is a Management Philosophy
What Motivates High Performers – Adi Gaskell on Social Business