Succession Management With Race and Gender Recording

Succession Management With Race and Gender at the Center

“I’m thinking about succession planning and how to do it in an anti-racist way. In particular, with the 9-box method of potential vs performance, how can I account for this bias when thinking about potential?”

Webinar Recording

What It Looks Like in Action

Compelling questions like this one appeared on New Profit’s talent discussion board earlier this year and reflect one of the crucial talent issues of recent years. The post sits at the intersection of two complementary priorities for organizational success: succession management and race equity, with a keen understanding of its intersections with gender and other identities.

AchieveMission enables clients to directly confront and successfully address these issues. Our recent webinar offered an opportunity to move through a real-life example that could be applied for use across  organizations of different sizes and levels of complexity.

To lead the session,  Mike Markovits paired up with Jen Chau Fontán to reach into a case study and to share AchieveMission’s model and takeaways from our work over the past several years.

The webinar opened with an initial primer on key concepts, terms, benefits, and risks of succession management, as well as the role of bias and how to mitigate it before, during and after a Talent Review. The group then dove into a case study using real (disguised) 9-Box data from an alumni client. We reviewed the data together in order to root out race and gender-bias.

Ultimately, participants learned how they can takes steps in their own organizations to assess, support and promote talent equitably and over time. We’ve posted the webinar recording our website (link at the top of this page) so that you can too.

And please be in touch if you need support with succession at the intersection of race and gender or wish a consult on other issues of equity and inclusion facing your team.