Christine Kidd joined the board in 2019 and is invigorated by AchieveMission’s vision for talent and equity in the nonprofit sector. Christine leads the Center for Employment Opportunities’ Program Innovation team, working across 25+ offices to better realize CEO’s mission. Christine spent the early part of her career working with young people in Chelsea, Massachusetts – first as a youth worker with Roca Inc and later as an advocate for young parents and 9th grade students in Chelsea Public Schools. Working directly with young people inspired a sense of urgency around figuring out effective ways that service providers, government agencies, private sector actors and community members can better come together to allow people of all ages to thrive. After six years in Chelsea, Christine returned to graduate school pursuing a Masters in Public Policy, where she focused her studies on program evaluation and social policy. After completing her masters degree, Christine spent a year with the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab providing technical assistance to the state government of Rhode Island as they worked to reform how they purchased and managed services for families involved with the child welfare system.

Christine lives in New York City with her spouse and two dogs. She earned a Bachelors Degree from Dickinson College and a Masters in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.